The smartphone-based scanning platform for apparel design

TrueToForm is a smartphone-based scanning platform that generates highly accurate avatars for apparel design. We use proprietary algorithms and computer vision to capture body shape and size in 3D, along with full body measurement extraction. Anywhere, any time. Patent pending.

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Invite clients to share their scans with your organization via the TrueToForm app, where clients follow in-app instructions to conduct quick 10-second body scans.

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Receive Avatar in Dashboard

Log into your dashboard to browse avatars that have been securely shared with your organization.

View 3D Avatar

View your client’s 3D avatar from multiple angles, obtain body measurements, and easily export summary files.

Elevate Your Business
with TrueToForm

Achieve the Perfect Fit

With our accurate mobile scanning solution, get access to the body data you need to achieve the perfect fit for your clients.

Expand Your Reach

Our hardware-free solution enables you to reach clients around the globe, access real, diverse bodies, and design without limitations.

Save Time and Costs

Taking manual measurements can create bottlenecks for your business. With TrueToForm, request and access detailed measurements in just a few minutes, without the need for in-person fittings.

Increase Sustainability

We help our customers reduce waste across the supply chain, from initial design to merchandising. Use our platform to revolutionize product development, refine fit standards, and reduce returns.

Who we benefit

Apparel Brands

Bespoke Tailors, Designers, and Pattern Makers

Costume Designers and Fitters

E-Commerce Made-To-Measure Brands

Educational Institutions

Talent Agencies


How is my data protected?
What type of clothing should be worn during the scan?

Our Founding Team

Janice Tam

Co-founder & CEO

Margaret Tam

Co-founder & CTO

Our mission is to change the way clothing is made in order to revolutionize the way clothing fits.

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