University of Oregon students use TrueToForm for sports product design in the Spring 2022 Semester

This past semester, sports product design graduate students at the University of Oregon utilized the TrueToForm (TTF) app to design revolutionary sportswear for professional and recreational athletes. The students used TTF to conduct a 3D body scan of themselves to generate their own custom 3D avatar, and then used their readily exportable avatar to create their own custom-fit athleticwear and provide product feedback.

Kat Hazen, University of Oregon student, used TrueToForm to create a custom, easily exportable, 3D avatar to design apparel that can enhance long-distance runner performance.

The class was taught by Susan Sokolowski, a thought leader in 3D technical design and the Founding Director and Professor of the Sports Product Design Graduate Program at the University of Oregon. Her work is holistic in nature, where consideration of the athlete’s body shape/dimensions, performance, sport, materials, and styling are addressed to develop innovative solutions. She is specifically focused on issues surrounding the design of products for underserved populations, including women and adaptive athletes.

"It was a great experience for our students to learn and use the TrueToForm app. Understanding body shape and dimensions is incredibly important in the sport performance product industry and having a tool like this reduces time to clean-up scans and have measurements all in one place.” - Susan Sokolowski

Students were pleasantly surprised with the TTF 3D body scanning app because it allowed them to be more creative with their designs as they could accurately and efficiently scan their body measurements from the comfort of their own homes.

Maria Edwards, another student at the University of Oregon, used TrueToForm to design and produce made-to-measure motorcycle chicken pants with the 3D avatar.
“I chose to design this outfit because it is particularly hard to grade because my proportions are very different from the standard mannequin, so I thought that it would be a great option for a body scan.” - Maria Edwards

University of Oregon Sports Product Design student Jesse Sindler used his custom 3D avatar to aid him in designing well-fitting, made-to-measure thermoregulation running shorts.
"I was really impressed with how accurate everything was and how easy it was to use the app. The measurements were stunningly accurate and everything was spot on in my scans. Super easy to import!” - Jesse Sindler

Morgan Marks, University of Oregon student, designed a ski suit.
Marks conducted a body scan using TTF to create a custom, easily exportable 3D avatar to use in 3D costume design software, using 3D technology to physically create revolutionary made-to-measure apparel using accurately acquired body measurements.

The University of Oregon is one of the art and fashion design schools that are a part of our consortium of educational partners. If you’d like to inquire about using TrueToForm as part of your curriculum, reach out to our team at

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