TTF beta customer The Tailory New York takes on the NYFW runway through a special collaboration with The Dogpound

The Tailory New York is an appointment-only clothing company that brings Fashion Design to life through personally curated, fitted, and designed collections for each client. At The Tailory New York, the primary focus is the client and the client alone. 

But for New York Fashion Week, there was a lot more on the line. 

“Fashion Week hasn’t been the same these past 2 years, for good reason. It was New York Fashion Week without a New York feel,” explained Shao Yang, Founder & Creative Director of The Tailory New York. “NYFW this year needs to smash all expectations. Thus, my thoughts turned to what makes New York’s energy, the endless drive required, and the necessary hustle,” said Yang.

With a mission to bring forth New York street energy to the runway, Yang looked no further than across the hall for her inspiration. 

On September 13th at 2:00pm, The Tailory New York took on the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) at 3 World Trade Center in an exceptional collaboration with their neighboring friend, The Dogpound Gym. 

The Tailory New York and The Dogpound take on New York Fashion Week 2022

Yang named her NYFW collection “Streetorial,” inspired by the corner of Canal and Renwick and with The Dogpound as her muse. 

What’s more? 

TrueToForm advisor Nigel Barker was also a founding member of The Dogpound. “This collaboration truly was a full circle moment! It was absolutely incredible to see The Tailory New York’s vision for genderless clothing come to life on the runway with The Dogpound as its inspiration,” said Nigel Barker. 

Kirk Myers, Founder of The Dogpound (left) and Shao Yang, Founder & Creative Director of The Tailory New York (right)
“We couldn’t be more thrilled to utilize TrueToForm’s software as we strive to make custom fitted clothing more accessible through this innovative virtual fitting platform,” said Silke Weil, General Manager of The Tailory New York. 

For us here at TrueToForm, it is an honor to have our software platform in use by The Tailory New York, a brand that advances a vision for genderless clothing through the art of custom tailoring.

“It’s been inspiring to work with another female-led team that truly sees the power of personalization,” said co-founder & CEO of TrueToForm, Janice Tam. “In an increasingly digitized world, we continue to strive towards efficiency, accessibility, and personalization, and it is beyond exciting to have support from our beta customers like The Tailory New York.”

We couldn’t have been more excited to see Yang’s vision come to life on the runway.

It seems that this collaboration gave us our long awaited New York Fashion Week WITH the New York feel! 

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