TrueToForm’s 3D avatar creator app introduced to Chicago’s sewing community for improved made-to-measure apparel

This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to introduce TrueToForm (TTF), our 3D avatar creator app, to the sewists of Chicago at the Apparel Industry Board, Inc. (AIBI) fashion lab. This gave them the opportunity to create their own 3D virtual avatars and generate their own unique body measurements. Chicago Sews is a meetup social group for sewists in the Chicagoland area who seek a welcoming, supportive and inclusive family that fosters growth and learning within the sewing community.

Chicago Sews members at the garment fitting event

At the garment fitting event, sewists had the opportunity to bring in their ill-fitting clothes in order to exchange ideas on how to improve the fit and receive help marking and pinning their garments, along with a demonstration of how 3D technology and our 3D avatar creator can be used to revolutionize made-to-measure clothing.

The sewists of Chicago enjoyed using our TTF 3D body scanning app to efficiently scan their body measurements, ready to be viewed and exported as a digital avatar for use in existing 3D design platforms. By conducting a complete 3D body scan of the customer to capture both measurements and shape, sewists and apparel designers can efficiently create clothing specifically tailored to them or their customers.

Pictured above: Mia Escoe of Chicago Sews (left) and Janice Tam of TTF (right) review TrueToForm's 3D avatar creator with a custom, digital avatar that enables personalized fit.

TrueToForm’s scanning solution makes it possible for apparel designers to efficiently and conveniently develop more informed sizes based on the measurements and body data of actual customers, acquiring accurate measurements using our 3D body scanning and avatar creator application.

TrueToForm’s mission is to change the way clothing is made in order to revolutionize the way clothing fits in a more sustainable fashion. To learn more about TrueToForm, visit our website at

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