Our Technical Presentation at the 3DBODY.TECH Conference

TrueToForm introduces their new smartphone-based body scanning technology at the 2021 3DBODY.TECH Conference

TrueToForm Co-Founder and CTO Margaret Tam presented during Technical Session 14 of the 3DBODY.TECH Conference in October 2021, where she unveiled the company's 3D body scanning technology and discussed its body capture capabilities.

"You can see from this 3-dimensional view that we are able to capture the overall body shape from just a 360 degree rotation.”

This presentation, titled “Accurate Capture of Body Shape and Size using TrueToForm, a 3D Body Scanning Mobile Application”, introduces TrueToForm as a new smartphone-based body scanning and data management platform for apparel design and fitting.

The talk provides an overview of TrueToForm's patent-pending technology, which uses proprietary algorithms and computer vision technology to capture body shape, posture, and body weight distribution in 3D and provide a full suite of body measurements. It also offers a detailed analysis of the body capture capabilities of this technology.

Read the abstract and watch the recorded session here.

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