Featuring Grace + Ivory's custom dress made using TrueToForm measurement technology

Traditional wedding dress shopping is becoming a thing of the past. Challenging the status quo is made-to-measure wedding dress maker, Grace + Ivory, founded by Tina Wong, a woman who recognizes that the modern bride wants a better dress shopping experience. Grace + Ivory’s mission is to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding dresses, made to the client’s precise measurements. They’ve tailored the experience to today’s bride, by accommodating time frames that work for the customer and delivering a dress ready for try-on right to their door. Additionally, Grace + Ivory gives back to their local community, donating 10% of proceeds from each dress sold to the Chicago Foundation for Women.

An assortment of wedding dresses hanging on a rack.
Grace + Ivory makes wedding dresses dedicated to the modern woman.

Earlier this year, the founders of Grace + Ivory and TrueToForm identified a unique opportunity to work together towards their shared mission of bringing inclusivity and sustainability into the fashion industry. TrueToForm co-founder Janice Tam was about to have her wedding, presenting the perfect opportunity to pilot TrueToForm’s body scanning technology in the design of a customized Grace + Ivory dress. This pilot would enable the two companies to test the workflow of ordering made-to-measure clothing using TrueToForm’s body scanning technology.

What's more, Janice and Tina’s shared Asian heritage contributed to the significance of the project, as Tina was uniquely positioned to design a dress for the traditional tea ceremony at Janice's wedding. The tea ceremony is a meaningful tradition in Chinese culture, as it is the bride and groom’s opportunity to express love and gratitude to their parents and close family members.

True To Form founder presenting tea to her family wearing a Grace + Ivory custom tea ceremony dress.
In Chinese tea ceremonies, the bride and groom offer cups of tea to their parents and close family members in a tradition of honor and gratitude.

The process worked as follows: TrueToForm co-founder Janice Tam needed a tea ceremony dress for her upcoming wedding. She was able to customize her dress by working closely with the Grace + Ivory team to select her desired fabric and dress design. Janice wanted her dress to have specific details, such as a smaller cap sleeve and a modern red color, specifications difficult to find off the rack, especially outside of Asia. Another critical detail was to make sure the dress was form-fitting, and that the length of the dress suited her body and height, making a great fit absolutely imperative. Once the essential design decisions had been made, it was time to take a scan and share her avatar with Grace + Ivory using the TrueToForm scan app.

TrueToForm's body scanning technology allows users to generate an avatar based on their unique measurements.

In this collaboration, the teams worked together to ensure that TrueToForm's measurements met Grace + Ivory's definitions and standards. Through this pilot, the teams were able to achieve alignment on the process, paving the way for a frictionless experience for future made-to-measure clients. All of this hard work resulted in the perfect dress! Janice's custom Grace + Ivory piece was delivered right to her door, and it fit perfectly, needing no alterations prior to the ceremony.

Grace + Ivory created a Qipao dress for Janice's wedding tea ceremony using TrueToForm's body scanning technology.
"The results for the dress came out even better than expected – I am excited that True to Form has created their app and I plan to integrate it as we grow our try at home program!" - Tina Wong, Founder & Designer of Grace + Ivory

By creating a workflow that provides made-to-measure brands virtual access to customer's unique measurements, TrueToForm is changing the apparel business as we know it. TrueToForm is helping brands develop a seamless end-to-end process for producing made-to-measure clothing, helping save both businesses and customers time and money in travel costs, fitting and alterations, and helping to reduce the negative environmental impact of waste and returns.

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